10 Possible Reasons Britney Spears Is All Smiles

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Britney Spears was in high spirits on Wednesday when Paparazzi caught up with the pop star and Las Vegas entertainer outside a nail salon in Thousand Oaks, California.

Decked out in a loose tank top (which showed off her super flat, toned stomach, and her lacy blue bra) along with a flowing, orange cardigan sweater and short shorts, she looked totally amazing, and her smile was glowing.

Not a lot of stars are always happy
to see photographers snapping pics when their going about their day, so why is she so happy now? Let's speculate wildly with these 10 possible guesses.

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- Maybe she's still riding the thrill of having her residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino extended for another two years. Britney recently told Good Morning Britain that she would be preforming her show Piece Of Me well into 2017.

- Maybe it's because she's $12 million dollars richer. Not only is Piece of Me running for two more years (at least), but New York Daily Mail is reporting that she'll be getting a whopping $12 million for her efforts.

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- Maybe it's simply the colors she's wearing. According to "color specialist" Leatrice Eiseman in this Huffington Post article, "Orange is a color of stimulation and enthusiasm. Orange is a nice mix of red's passion and yellow's joy. Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, and stimulates brain activity."

- Maybe she's finding more time to live life by the mottoes on her shirts. "Surf all day. Dance all night." That actually sounds horribly exhausting.

- Maybe it's because she's looking so healthy and fit. She's been working out - and that's not even including the exercise from her live show - and it's been paying off.

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- Maybe she's just happy to be alive after almost dying when she (nearly) fell during a live performance at her Piece Of Me show earlier this month. Sure, it didn't look life threatening, but who knows? It could have been. You don't know.

- Maybe she's still smiling thinking about the adorable horse she was walking around with last week. Come on, look at that horse and try not to smile.


Saddle up...

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- Maybe she's excited thinking about her life goals. After all, she did just tell a reporter for Radio Aalto in Finland that, in 10 years, she sees herself "married with two more kids, house on a ranch, house in Colorado, house in Miami, house in Vegas, two planes. No, three planes!" Because what if you need to get three different places at once?

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- Maybe she's excited for her recently launched lingerie line called Intimate Britney Spears. In September, she told reporters that she would like to see Princess Kate Middleton to try out her new line. "I would love to see Kate in my underwear designs," Britney said. "That would be splendid. I'm going to send her one of every piece. So she'll have plenty to choose from." Perhaps the Princess received them, loved them, and wrote Britney a heartfelt and endearing letter of appreciation.

- Maybe she was just in a good mood. Have you ever been to a nail salon that a multi-millionaire goes to? It's probably pretty damn relaxing.

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Well, whatever the reason for the pop icon's happy mood, there's no denying that she's had a killer year. Keep smiling, Brit!

Also, let us not forget that the diva's Instagram is amazing. Check out the video for 6 reasons why her Instagram is hilarious and wonderful.

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