Marcel the Shell Is Back and Singing!


We learn a lot more about Marcel in the third installment of 'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.'

Marcel has returned and our hearts aren't prepared for the insane amounts of cuteness.

In Marcel the Shell with Shoes On's first video since 2011, the lovable seashell debuts his singing voice.

Marcel sings a tune he learned at camp called "A Perfect Day", and as far as shells go, his voice is pretty in tune. "I sing it because my best friend lives far away," he explains.

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The "shell with shoes on" gets a change of scenery in this video -- created by Jenny Slate and husband Dean Fleischer-Camp -- and decides to do the interview outside.

Like the videos before it, Marcel continues to share his opinions and tidbits about his life. He calls shrimp the "idiots of the sea," reveals that he keeps his deodorant "in between my shell and my shoe" and as for his favorite saying, "Life's a party, rock your body."

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And as if he couldn't get anymore cuter, Marcel -- who has issues with allergies-- lets out an adorable sneeze.

For even more adorable times, Marcel the Shell is about to release his second children’s book.

As an extra dose of cuteness, here's the peek-a-boo babies, below!