Kris Jenner on Bruce's Changing Appearance: 'I Don't Know What He's Going Through'


Kris Jenner spoke to ET's Nancy O'Dell and Kevin Frazier about the rumors that her soon-to-be ex-husband Bruce Jenner is transitioning his gender, and commented that this "hasn't been her experience" with the former Olympian.

"They've been saying that since 1976," she said candidly. "For me, that's not my experience with Bruce. He's a great guy. I love him. I don't know what he’s going through right now. I think he’s just very happy and I think every time he makes a change in his life -- whether it's emotional or physical or whatever he's doing -- somebody's going to comment on whatever look you have going on for the day."

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She also commented on his new look, specifically the headline-making long locks he debuted earlier this month at an Elton John concert.

"You know, people often ask me you know what's going on with just his hair alone," she said. "That's where they're getting part of it, and I say, 'Look, I love to control everything I can because I am a control freak but I had to let that one go.' ... So yeah, he's great though, he's doing good."

In the revealing interview, Kris also commented on the reports that Bruce is now dating her longtime friend and former assistant Ronda Kamihara.

"You guys know better than anyone that about 150 percent of this stuff that's reported is 150 percent false and made-up," she said. "I can't really comment on who Bruce dates. I really hope if he's dating somebody, he's happy but I just don't know."

But she does deny other reports that she's heartbroken over Bruce's alleged new relationship.

"I promise you this, I have not sat at home crying," she made clear. "That's just a flat out no."

Earlier this month, ET spoke to PR expert Howard Bragman of, who also worked with Chaz Bono during his gender transition, about all the rumors and speculation surrounding Bruce's changing appearance.

"I have no inside knowledge of what Bruce is going through, but it really was distressing to me that there was so little sympathy towards him and so much judgment," Bragman said.

He also came to Bruce's defense on Facebook, responding to the negative comments online.

"It's no wonder that those with gender dysmorphia have psychological issues, disproportionate suicide rates and myriad societal issues," Bragman posted to Facebook. "It's not funny and it's not a punch line -- [this is] a human being trying to be true to their own self and we could all use a time out from snide remarks."

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Watch Kris Jenner talk life after separation from Bruce in the video below.