Julia Roberts, Honored For Work Against Bullying, Says She Was a 'Shrinking Violet' in School


Julia Roberts may be one of the most treasured actresses of our time, but she wasn't always so popular.

I caught up with the 46-year-old actress, who along with her husband, Danny Moder, was honored for her support in the fight against bullying at GLSEN's Respect Awards.

"For me it's an honor and a joy," Roberts said. "To see young people who are so brave and so well spoken and so heroic in the hallways of school -- a place where I was kind of a shrinking violet -- I'm so impressed."

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Roberts and Moder were honored with the Humanitarian Award at the GLSEN,  an anti-bullying organization that works to keep schools safe for all children.

"I just feel like I'm kind of their mascot and happy to be, [and] to come and give a little bit of a louder voice to that which they deal with every day,” she added.

Derek Hough, who was honored with the group's Inspiration Award, opened up about his own experiences being viciously bullied as a kid in Utah.

"I had some neighbors who pretty much tormented my family," Hough revealed. "It wasn't great and we ended up having to move because it got so bad."

VIDEO- Derek Hough Shares Memories Of Being Bullied As A Child 

Thankfully, Derek says he got older and discovered an outlet through which he not only overcame bullying but gained a strong sense of confidence.

"I found dance and it gave me like a purpose," he said. "It gave me a focus and a motivation.

Watch the video to hear more testimonies from Julia and Derek.

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