Alan Cumming Recalls 'Wasted' Shia LaBeouf's 'Cabaret' Arrest

Team Coco

Shia LaBeouf already gave a play-by-play of the drunken night that led to his Cabaret arrest, but what about the show's star Alan Cumming's side of the story?

"He was just wasted. He was wasted the second he walked in," Cumming, 49, recalled to Conan O'Brien on Monday. "So there was an atmosphere in the [theater] ...When I went down to go on stage and start the show, everyone was freaking out because there was someone who seemed to be a crazy person shouting and stuff."

During an appearance last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 28-year-old Fury star admitted he gave Cumming a "slap on the a**, because I think he deserves it" during the Broadway show, calling him "the sexiest man" he'd ever seen.

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“We've all done things where we've been out of it and messed up,” Cumming said. “Not everyone has to deal with it on such a worldwide scale, and I thought he made a very good recovery. And he did say that the reason he did it was that I was the sexiest man he'd ever seen.”

Sounds like all is forgiven!

Cumming is continuing his extended starring role in Cabaret through March 2015, with Emma Stone starring alongside him. Thankfully, LaBeouf has said he's taking a break from Broadway for a while.

If you haven't heard LaBeouf recall his Broadway arrest -- which included a Hannibal mask -- it's a must-see!