Sarah Jessica Parker Busted For Shoe Shoot at Carrie Bradshaw's House


Sarah Jessica Parker is putting her shoes on stairs that don't belong there.

Sarah Jessica Parker recently shamelessly promoted her eponymous shoe line using Carrie Bradshaw’s famed Sex and the City stoop. Cute, right? 

Only one problem. That staircase is not a fake set — people actually live there and they are over SATC tributes.

Those famous stairs from the hit tv show now come with a sign directed at tourists who visit 66 Perry St. to pay tribute to the iconic TV character. In order to detour the visitors from climbing the residents’ front steps, a chain has been installed along with a sign that reads, "Do NOT go on staircase please."

The President of the Perry Street Association, Gerald Banu, told Page Six, "The situation with 'SATC' visitors is still very intense. People who live here get upset that the sidewalks are constantly jammed."

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But the 49-year-old actress did not pay attention to the signage as she put her fabulous shoes with her name on them on those steps.

That's a wrap ladies.

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This snap shows how the SJP collection fits on one stair perfectly in a row.

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The shoes also lined the street with Parker strolling along them.

Look what I found promenading.

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Drawing further attention to the building, SJP reportedly did not get permission to do this photo shoot.

A source tells Page Six that the owners are "up in arms as they deal with relentless tourists, and SJP has ignored their requests for an explanation on how she could endorse the shoot, even though 'no trespassing' signs are posted. SJP used their house during the years of filming, and now won’t acknowledge that she and her company used the steps and facade, this time without permission…."

Here's to hoping that if a Sex and the City 3 movie happens, Carrie gets a new house with Mr. Big.

Take a look at SJP's shoe collection in the video below.