Chrissy Teigen Receives Death Threats Over Tweets on Canada Shooting

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A shooting in Ottawa, Canada, left a soldier dead and the city on lockdown after a gunman attacked the country's Parliament today.

American Model Chrissy Teigen responded to the shooting on Twitter – and inadvertently started a big fight.

She then got even more political. 

But she was not saying sorry.

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It didn't stop there, though, because she received more hateful messages and death threats. She even called out Twitter for not helping stop the abuse.

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Teigen, who has 539,000 Twitter followers, then retweeted this comment.:

This is not the first time Teigen has gotten political on Twitter. The wife of John Legend is opinionated and shares her thoughts on current issues ranging from Ebola -- saying, "Never been a fan of the rampant use of the word 'shaming' but holy sh** can we stop Ebola-shaming, America?" -- to advocating for meals in schools for children by sarcastically tweeting to Sen. Rand Paul, "A campaign for physical fitness and eating healthy just cannot possibly cross party lines."

When GQasked her back in 2013 if she regrets any of her tweets, she said, "All the time! But not really a regret that I thought it, just that I said it."

Did you know that Teigen was once fired from Forever 21? Find out more in the video below.