Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson Star In Amazing 'Lord Of The Rings' Flight Safety Video


When most of us fly on planes, we're treated to a well-choreographed flight safety instruction tutorial from a bored flight attendant who has done this a million times and doesn't really care if any of us remember how to inflate our life jackets.

For customers on Air New Zealand, they get an instructional video that claims to be "the most epic safety video ever made" -- and that title is not an exaggeration.

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The story of the flight safety video - yes, it has a story - is that two Lord Of The Rings superfans hop on a plane, where they happen to find themselves seated, in coach, next to the movie's Hobbit star, Elijah Wood -- because apparently the actor flies coach.

Look, no one ever said the video had to make sense.

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Then, in the vein of nonsensical dream logic, the two superfans are transported to the mystical Middle Earth, where they then receive flight safety instructions from all your favorite Lord Of The Rings characters including:

An Elven Princess from the groovy 1960s explaining the safety signs.

A random dude in a windbreaker riding a horse and teaching you how do operate a seat belt.

…Which he wears while on the horse, for some reason.

A badly bruised and incredibly bored Orc with an air mask.

Also, Gandalf's younger brother on an eagle who shows you the proper crash landing position.

And those are just some of the many hilariously bizarre moments. It really is an epic safety video, even if you totally don't pay attention to any of the actual instructions because you're just so entertained and/or dumbfounded.

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Also, while it's a wonderful flight safety video, it's a terrible bungee jumping safety video.

Lord Of The Rings Bungee Jump on Make A Gif

Pro tip: When bungee jumping, don't actually hit the water or the ground.

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