At Home with Tony & October Gonzalez


CBS Sports star Tony Gonzalez and his wife October Gonzalez invited ET into their home where they chatted about their marriage.

October and Tony first met when October was a 21-year-old cocktail waitress. Tony was already a star in the NFL at the time, but October didn't know who he was.

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"When he told me what he did, I was like, 'Cool. As a hobby that's nice,'" October said.

After that the couple dated for four years before Tony popped the question. The mood may have been slightly spoiled, as Tony's face was temporarily paralyzed at the time from Bell's palsy -- a disorder of the nerve that controls muscles in the face.

"He could only smile with one side of his face," said October.

Today, Tony and October are the proud parents to two children -- 6-year-old Malia and 4-year-old River. Despite Tony's busy schedule as a CBS Sports host, the keep in constant contact through Skype.

Watch the video to get a look at the couple's lavish home.