From Sea Urchins To Getting Framed, Taylor Swift Reveals Her Biggest Phobias


Taylor Swift is a strong, confident woman with a self-made multi-million dollar music empire and over a half-dozen Grammys on her mantel. But that doesn't mean she's not full of crazy phobias like the rest of us.

The celebrated "Shake It Off" singer sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, and explained her deep-seated fears.

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First we learn that she hates sea urchins, which Taylor assures everyone are "sitting there, waiting to completely injure you."

"It has barbs, and it goes into whatever it touches, and then you have to go the emergency room, and it has to be surgically removed," said a visibly upset Taylor. "You could lose your foot. You could lose your hand. You could lose your hand trying to get it off of your foot! I don't like sea urchins."

Ellen attempts to alleviate her fears by explaining that, according to science, sea urchins just aren't that dangerous. But her attempts are in vein.

Then, we get let in on Taylor's truly irrational fear: Being framed for a crime and arrested.

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"Who would frame you, and for what?" Ellen asked.

Taylor, looking mortified, said, "Oh, so many people would frame me. And they could frame you for any crime you could go to jail for. And I- look at me! I wouldn't survive in jail."

So what causes this intense fear of being framed? Taylor believes it stems from the less-than-true news stories that she claims to often read online and in magazines.

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Ellen, again trying to make her feel better, assures Taylor, "I think you'd even have fans in prison, and they would take care of you."

Check out the video for more from Taylor's phobia-filled sit down with Ellen, and hear her explain why musical theater songs are Adam Levine's kryptonite.

Taylor's full interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs Monday, October 27, the same day her new album, 1989, will be released.

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