Justin Bieber Uses a Disney-Inspired Pick-Up Line on a Model!


Justin Bieber
took a page out of Mickey Mouse's dating handbook to hit on a model on Thursday -- and his swaggy antics were caught on tape.

The Biebs was cruising around Beverly Hills in the back of a Rolls Royce when he spotted model Jacqueline Younis posing for a Festoun photo shoot on Rodeo Drive. A smitten Bieber had his driver pull over and stop so that he could talk to the brunette beauty.

While the interaction was seemingly short, Justin gave it his best shot, telling Younis, "You look like Princess Jasmine!" The pair even posed for a pic! Pretty funny.

Of course, Justin has been dating Selena Gomez off-and-on again for years, most recently spending time together this summer. The pair allegedly broke up again earlier this month.

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Justin's longtime manager, Scooter Braun, sat down with Bloomberg Television for an in-depth interview Thursday night, revealing that it's been hard to watch some of his superstar's recent behavior unfold in the media.

"It's been a rough year for me watching him because I really care about him. And you don't wanna see anyone going through stuff."

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While Braun has learned to let the 20-year-old star make his own mistakes, he is 100% confident Bieber has learned some valuable life lessons.

To watch Justin put the moves on Jacqueline, and to see everything Scooter said -- watch the video above!

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