Chrissy Teigen Quits Twitter After Death Threats Over Controversial Tweet

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Turns out even the notoriously outspoken Chrissy Teigen has a line when it comes to Twitter spats.

Never one to let controversial tweets get her down before, the 28-year-old Sports Illustrated supermodel is now taking a time-out from Twitter due to multiple death threats and other insults following her tweet criticizing U.S. gun control.

"I feel sick," Teigen tweeted Thursday. "Bye Twitter. Taking my talents to Instagram."

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The Twitter hate started on Wednesday after she commented on the Parliament shooting in Ottawa, Canada, which left one soldier dead.

She later defended herself further after her tweets unsurprisingly caused an uproar.

However, she was no longer in a joking mood after the number of alarming tweets started growing.

In August, Teigen talked to Esquire magazine about her popularity on social media.

"I'm much nicer in person than on Twitter," she said.

She was also asked byGQ last July if she ever regretted any of her tweets, to which she responded, "All the time! But not really a regret that I thought it, just that I said it."

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