Casper Smart Reveals Details of Life After JLo


Casper Smart is still trying to set the record straight on his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Casper, who prefers to be called by his real name Beau, is kicking his career into high gear but first, he has to shake that pesky “J.Lo’s ex” label.

"It's also hard being looked at like, 'You only had that job because you were the boyfriend,'" Smart told ET. "Before Jennifer, I did a lot of stuff with other big artists.”

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Of course it doesn’t help that there are constant reconciliation rumors. The 27-year-old's run in with JLo at the VMAs in August sparked rumors that they were back on. But Beau says that "people like to talk" and that constant attention from the media can be a curse.

"The only thing that sucks and always sucks is the [paparazzi]," he admits. "It's no privacy... And that's not fair. But at the same time you sign up for it."

The internationally respected dancer/choreographer has a steamy body of work outside of the projects he worked on with JLo. He's recently worked with Ariana Grande on her music video for Love Me Harder and is choreographing Nicki Minaj's upcoming tour. Fitting since he's also the mastermind behind the jaw-dropping moves in Minaj's Anaconda video.

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"I was all for it," he says of working on the video. "I pushed the envelope myself."

Now he's choreographing fight scenes and playing a former wrestling champ turned street fighter in the upcoming film Street.

"Obviously my shirt is going to be off in this thing more than once so that was very stressful," he says. "I was like 'Oh God, it's film so I got to be shredded!"

These days Smart is more than ready to stand on his own but admits that he and Jennifer are still close.

"We're great friends," he tells ET. "I love her and the kids and they're incredible."

Watch the full video for behind the scenes look at Street.

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