Whoops! Walmart Offers 'Fat Girl' Halloween Costumes


It’s a big, "fat" Halloween publicity nightmare. This morning if you searched for a plus-size Halloween costume on Walmart.com, you would have seen the words "fat girl costumes" appear as the category.

Many people took to Twitter to express their outrage and shock over labeling costumes ranging from sexy maids, witches and flappers as "fat" instead of plus-size.

In fact, there was so much anger that the #fatgirlcostumes trended.

Here are just some of the ones directed at Walmart.

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Walmart responded to the tweets by posting this message, "This should have never been on our site and we apologize. We quickly removed it and made sure to not let it happen again."

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The Twitter handles @Walmart and @WalmartNewsroom have been responding back with various forms of this message all day.

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Now, if you search "fat girls costume" on Walmart.com, nothing comes up. However, if you really are looking for those "fat costumes," you will get images like this one.

What do you think about how Walmart handled this search term incident?

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