Taylor Swift's '1989' Lyrics Decoded, And They Might All Be About Harry Styles!


Taylor Swift's
new album, 1989, is FINALLY here!

As per usual, the 24-year-old superstar has highlighted specific letters in the liner notes of the new album, spelling out hidden phrases in each track.

While on past albums these messages gave us clues about who each tune was about, Taylor took a bit of a different approach this time. In fact, when strung
together, the hidden messages on 1989 tell an entire story -- specifically about the roller-coaster romance she shared with a boy.

Asked recently by ET what makes a good boyfriend
, Swift quipped, “Oh, I haven’t figured that out yet.”

But could 1989 all be about Harry Styles not being a great boyfriend? Let’s take a look.

The story revealed in the liner notes begins with a smitten Taylor revealing "her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay."

While the couple "loved each other recklessly," in the end, "she lost him but she found herself," she writes.

VIDEO: Is Taylor's Latest 1989 Song About Harry Styles?!

Here's the full list of hidden messages track-by-track:

“Welcome to New York”: We begin our story in New York.

“Blank Space”: There once was a girl known by everyone and no one.

“Style”: Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay.

“Out of the Woods”: They loved each other recklessly.

“All You Had to Do Was Stay”: They paid the price.

“Shake It Off”: She danced to forget him.

“I Wish You Would”: He drove past her street each night.

“Bad Blood”: She made friends and enemies.

“Wildest Dreams”: He only saw her in his dreams.

“How You Get the Girl”: Then one day he came back.

“This Love”: Timing is a funny thing.

“I Know Places”: And everyone was watching.

“Clean”: She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.

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Watch the video above to find some other secret hints Taylor strategically strung throughout her liner notes -- including a possible diss to Katy Perry,
who allegedly is the subject of "Bad Blood.”

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