Jon Cryer Talks Upcoming Wedding - To Ashton - and New Movie


In eleven seasons on the air, hit sitcom Two and a Half Men has featured its share of romances and weddings. But the show's season premiere featured a liplock most fans didn’t see coming.

"He’s a good kisser," said Men star Jon Cryer of his co-star Ashton Kutcher. To kick off the twelfth and final season of the show, Cryer and Kutcher’s characters get legally married so Kutcher can adopt a child, and the two share a kiss to seal the deal. "I can see what Mila sees in him."

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The actor poked more fun at new dad Kutcher and his bride-to-be Mila Kunis, telling ET, "I love that I’m married to him before she got her shot at marrying him."

Cryer dressed up as Duckie, his iconic character from the John Hughes teen classic Pretty In Pink, for the show's Halloween episode, and confessed that reliving the role was "super strange." However, for fans who spotted him on set during a Warner Brothers lot tour, seeing him in Duckie's duds was a thrill.

“I had to go from the costume room to my trailer,” Cryer explained. “A couple of the tours passed by and they freaked out.”

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While Duckie didn’t get the girl, Cryer's character does find love in his new movie Hit By Lighting, albeit in an unusual manner.

"It’s sort of a combination of Body Heat and The Forty Year Old Virgin," Cryer says of the movie, in theaters Friday. "It’s about a guy who’s very lonely. He meets a girl on the internet who’s beyond his wildest dreams, beautiful and wonderful, and they fall in love. Except she’s married, and she needs him to kill her husband."

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