Nicole Kidman Talks Keith Urban Love Letters & Losing Her Father on 'Ellen'


Actress Nicole Kidman opened up to Ellen DeGeneres during an interview airing Thursday, getting candid about two of the most important men to have ever entered her life -- her husband Keith Urban and her now-deceased father Dr. Anthony Kidman.

The Oscar winner's dad, a clinical psychologist at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, died in Singapore unexpectedly after a tragic accident last month in which he fell while visiting Nicole's sister Antonia. Nicole used her TV appearance to thank those that have tried to comfort her.

NEWS: Nicole Kidman's Dad Dies

"I'm amazed when people reach out, because it's an awkward thing at times, but to have people go, 'I'm so sorry for your loss' -- the power of that and even a note or anything," said Nicole. "I've gotten so much love from people."

At the time of Anthony's passing, the university's Vice-Chancellor Professor Attila Brungs released a statement. "It is with great sadness that we learn of Dr. Tony Kidman's sudden passing. During his 43 years at the University of Technology, Sydney, Tony has contributed greatly - as a colleague, as a researcher, and as a health practitioner," Brungs said. "Tony will be missed by all at UTS. Our thoughts are with his family at this time."

According to Nicole, her husband Keith has been a major source of support for her through the grieving process.

NEWS: Nicole Kidman Talks Keith Urban Love Letters

"He has been so good to me for nine years, but for the last sort of month ... When you have your partner who just literally carries you through a tough time ... he's been amazing to me," said Nicole.

Nicole and Keith wed June 25, 2006, and share two children together: 6-year-old daughter Sunday and 3-year-old daughter Faith.

In an industry known for short marriages, the couple seems to have found the secret to staying close despite their hectic schedules. Nicole told Ellen that Keith writes her love letters every day when the two are apart.