30 Years Later, 'CHiPs' Cast Reunites


It’s been more than 30 years since Ponch and Jon rode off into the sunset on the hit buddy cop show CHiPs. The cast sat down together for the first time with special correspondent Sheryl Underwood to talk on-set drama and what they've been up to since turning in their badges.

Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada played California Highway Patrol partners Jon Baker and "Ponch" Poncherello on the show and while rumors of cast conflicts persisted when they were filming, the two downplayed any feud.

"As far as I'm concerned, I always felt like, you know, we're different personalities," Wilcox told Underwood. "That's okay."

"Yeah, we French kissed and made up," Estrada joked.

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Estrada left the show in 1981 and was replaced by a familiar face to today’s reality fans, though in those day he was better known as Olympic champion Bruce Jenner.

"I'm not trying to replace Erik Estrada," Jenner told ET in a clip we found way back in our vault. "I would only get into trouble with that. But you can't help it, I'm riding the motorcycle right next to Larry."

Estrada eventually returned to the show but said there are no hard feelings towards Jenner. His former castmates showed concern for the star's recent tabloid scrutiny.

"Sometimes I wonder if he's a victim of the media," Wilcox told ET.  "Being around the Kardashian issue is controversial to say the least. I just hope that he's the same good Bruce that I knew before."

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The cast members have all gone on to build successful lives outside of show business, and Wilcox was in the Marines and served combat duty in Vietnam before making the move to acting.

"It really challenges your identity," he told Underwood. "For me, I think I'm just grateful. You know, grateful to be here."

Randi Oakes, Officer Bonnie Clark on the show, left the industry after marrying Trapper John, M.D. star Gregory Harrison.

"We moved to Oregon and raised our kids," she said.

Robert Pine, who played Sergeant Joseph Getraer, is better known for his son's success these days.

"I’m not Robert Pine of CHiPs," he laughed. "I’m Chris Pine’s father."