Chris Rock Jokes About Boston Marathon Bombing and 9/11 on SNL


Chris Rock
stirred up some controversy by pushing comedic boundaries on Saturday Night Live.

After leaving the cast more than 20 years ago, comedian Chris Rock came back to SNL on November 1 to host the show.

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In his opening monologue, Chris brought up the 2013 Boston marathon bombing after bringing up the New York City marathon, "Tomorrow's the New York City marathon. What could go wrong there, right?"

He continued by saying the Boston marathon bombing, "was probably the most frightening, sadistic terrorist attack ever." He then spoke about the runners, "Their knees are hurting, their feet are killing them, if you're a woman, there's blood coming out your titties. You've been training for a year, you finally get to the finish line, and somebody screams: 'Run!'"

Rock also brought up the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the Freedom Tower. He said, "They should change the name from the Freedom Tower to the 'Never Going in There' Tower. Because I'm never going in there. There is no circumstance that will ever get me in that building. Are you kidding me?"

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The Top Five actor then clears the air by saying it's not the terrorist attack itself he is joking about. "I'm not joking about 9/11. You gotta realize, we are in America, and in America there are no sacred days because we commercialize everything," he said. "We're only five years away from 9/11 sales."

Later on in the show, he even did a sketch as an ISIS militant trying to get money on Shark Tank.

After Rock's jokes were over, Twitter was full of reactions from viewers.

While many were offended, there were also viewers who were not.

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Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at Chris Pratt's SNL episode.