'19 Kids and Counting's' Jessa Duggar Did Not Kiss Her Husband at Their Wedding Ceremony


It's the moment they were waiting for, but Jessa's parents kissed instead.

"You may now kiss the bride," those words are all too familiar for every wedding goer, except for when the moment does not actually happen.

19 Kids and Counting's
reality star Jessa Duggar, 21, married Ben Seewald, 19, yesterday, and the couple chose to wait until they were married to kiss. 

They first held hands after they were engaged but kept the kiss for their wedding day. So when they said their "I dos," it was expected that they would have their moment in front of their 1,000 closest family and friends in Arkansas.

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According to People, that moment never happened at their ceremony. In fact, Jessa and Ben chose to share the moment in private. Instead of them kissing at their ceremony, Jessa’s parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar kissed instead.

reported, the Pastor Mike Schadt said, "So now you've seen a Duggar kiss."

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Even though the bride did not kiss the groom there, they reportedly did smooch at their reception.

The wedding will air on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting next year, but until then you can see her sister Jill's reception dinner in our ET exclusive. 

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