Judi Dench Has a Celebrity's Name Tattooed on Her Butt?!

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Judi Dench revealed her wilder side when she claimed she got a tattoo of a celebrity's name on her bum.

Upon accepting the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment at the Britannia Awards, the 79-year-old divulged that she has Hollywood heavy-hitter Harvey Weinstein's name inked on her behind.

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Dench recalled being told that she would never make it in the movie business because her "face isn't properly arranged." It wasn't until director John Madden hired the actress to play Queen Victoria in the 1997 TV movie Mrs. Brown that she got her big break. "Blessed Harvey Weinstein, whose tattoo I still have on my bum, said it would be a proper [theatrical] film and it was," she said the film producer taking Mrs. Brown to the big screen.

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"Well, he asked for that," she joked.

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But this isn't the first time she's joked about her bum tattoo for the Hollywood bigwig. 

Page Six
reports that at a lunch celebrating Mrs. Brown's success years ago at New York City's Four Seasons, Dench told Weinstein she "had his name tattooed on her bum because she owed her success in part to him." When he asked to see the ink, the James Bond actress reportedly flashed him, revealing that she had her makeup artist draw a "Harvey" temporary tattoo.

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The shocking tribute to Weinstein continued to be a topic of conversation for the two over the years. Page Six claims at last year's Britannia Awards, Weinstein asked to see the ink again and Dench showed him it was still there in front of a stunned Oprah Winfrey.

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