The Most Cringey 'Wheel of Fortune' Fail


Throughout Wheel of Fortune's 39 years on television, there have been countless errors of judgment and bad guesses.

Look no further than YouTube to see 62,100 results come up when you search "Wheel of Fortune fail." These amazing fails that include a guy who guessed "Mythological Hero Ate You Us" instead of "Mythology Hero Achilles" or a contestant guessing "Surf Clay Where We Go" and not "Surf City Here We Come."

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But this latest fail is the one you always hope doesn't happen to you.

The game show went to Hawaii this week, and in the puzzle solving paradise, Kaulana made a mistake yesterday that makes him bow his head in shame.

After the contestant before him guesses the letter "L," he too guesses it. Unfortunately, there is still no "L" on there. Enter epic face palm.

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While this was an epic fail, the fact that Kaulana made it on the show is already a success, and even better yet, he went on to redeem himself and continued to win the game with $56,000.

In this case, it looks like he got the last laugh!

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