Are Paparazzi Using Drones to Spy on Celebs?


ET takes an in-depth look at the use of drones -- for movies and by the paparazzi.

In terms of the film industry, drones seem to be a helpful invention.

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"It allows for really interesting new shot-making," said director/actor Jon Favreau. "But like any new technology it has to be watched and it has to be regulated."

For celebrities, the regulation part is key especially when it pertains to the paparazzi.

"If you start to allow little machines to fly in our backyards they'll be looking in our windows and then where do you stop?" said Halle Berry. "Where does it end?"

While California just banned paparazzi drones, attorney John Whitehead told us that it may not be enough.

"Here's the key: we moved into a new terrain and a new paradigm," said Whitehead. "The law and the courts usually lag 20 years behind technology and that's an unfortunate circumstance."

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Drone pioneer Caesar Pena from in New York showed us his drones' capabilities, saying that they can fly as high as 1,500 feet. He was even able to use one of his drones to get a shot of Selena Gomez at a public event when paparazzi were being blocked off by guards.

Still, Caesar acknowledges that there should be regulations placed on the usage of drones.

"Other paparazzi are taking our idea and using it for bad," said Caesar. "They're flying over celebrities' homes -- flying over hotels!"

Watch the video to see the kind of quality shots that these drones are capable of from a quarter of a mile in the air.