James Franco Interviews Orlando Bloom, and It Gets Weird


Even Orlando Bloom is weirded out by James Franco is this interview spoof.

Once again proving that Zach Galifianakis should be the only one allowed to conduct awkward interviews with famous people, Franco takes on his character Dave Skylark from The Interview while chatting with the Lord of the Rings star on a fake show called Skylark Tonight.

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Barely asking any questions, Franco attacks Bloom for not being Sir Orlando Bloom. "You should be a knight," Franco, as Skylark, barks. "If anyone should be a knight, it should be you!"

The awkward conversation goes on like this for nearly four minutes, as Franco continues to spout, "The more you say you're not a knight, the more you are a knight in my eyes."

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Perhaps the best joke of the "interview" is when the Oscar nominee tells Bloom, "When I look at you, I got knight vision goggles."

We sure hope The Interview, out Dec. 25, is funnier than this ...interview.

While his chat with Bloom is rather bizarre, Franco posted an even stranger, bloodier photo of him with Transformers actress Megan Fox. Can you explain this?