'Hawaii Five-0' hits 100!


The stars of the CBS drama stopped by ET to celebrate their 100th episode and reveal some secrets from the milestone show.

ET's Brooke Anderson was on set last month for the filming of Hawaii Five-0's 100th episode and today the cast repaid the favor, stopping by to talk about their much-anticipated milestone.

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"There’s a big 'something' that we’ve been talking about for four and a half years that finally gets resolved," revealed series star Alex O’Loughlin.

It’s an emotionally charged episode, and O'Loughlin told ET that his character has to deal with much of the turmoil without the help of his Five-0 teammates.

"I was kind of separate from the rest of the crew for the episode," O’Loughlin dished. "When everybody sees it, you'll see that my character is out doing something else. I’m not around."

Since the show’s premiere in 2010, the cast has also undergone some major real-life changes. O'Loughlin married girlfriend Malia Jones earlier this year, and co-star Scott Caan welcomed his first child, daughter Josie James, in July 2014.

"I try not to give him any unsolicited [parenting] advice," said O’Loughlin, who is a father of three. "Sometimes he comes through with a question or two."

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The stars also looked back at some photos from the show’s early days.

"I look the same," Caan teased O’Loughlin. "You’ve aged terribly."