Nicki Minaj Criticized for Using Nazi Imagery in New Video

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Nicki Minaj's lyric video for "Only" has been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.


The single, featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, contains plenty of explicit content, but it's the visual images, not the lyrics in the video, that have some listeners up in arms and accusing the rapper of using Nazi imagery.


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In the video, Nicki is featured as a military leader or dictator, surrounded by soldiers that some have compared to SS officers. The red armbands featured on the soldiers in the video have been compared to that of a Nazi uniform, while banners with the Young Money emblem (the record label Nicki's is signed with) have been compared to swastikas. Not to mention the appearance of a gas mask towards the end of the clip.


"Take down the Nazi vid thanks," one Twitter user posted on Friday.

"Just saw Nicki Minaj's lyric video for 'Only' and all I could say is PROBLEMATIC," wrote another.

Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown fill out a cast of characters in the video with Drake as the pope and Lil Wayne as a dignitary or politician.


Watch the video above to see what you make of it.