BFFs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Have an Adorable Red-Carpet Reunion

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It doesn't get any cuter than these two!

A-list besties Ben Affleck, 42, and Matt Damon, 44, made a rare red carpet appearance together Friday to reveal the winner of HBO's Project Greenlight season four, and it's obvious that after 30 years of friendship, the two are still completely enamored with one another.

Just look at Ben whispering in Matt's ear.

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The two can barely even keep a straight face together.

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... And even share secrets with one another.

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But just how close are Matt and Ben?

According to Matt, he didn't need to see Gone Girl to see Ben's private parts in a much talked-about full-frontal scene.

When asked by paparazzi Friday if he "happened to see Ben's penis" in the hit David Fincher film, Matt's response was priceless.

"Oh I'd seen it many times before that," he joked.

Ben and Matt revived HBO's Project Greenlight -- which follows a chosen director through the entire filmmaking process -- after it got canceled in 2005. The show premieres in spring 2015, with winner Jason Mann directing a feature-length film.

"Jason was, by far, the best, and we were really, really impressed by him and we really feel confident that he's going to do something special for us and HBO," Affleck told People.

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Last January, Matt honored Ben with the Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and gave him quite the heartfelt introduction.

Watch below!