Watch a 16-Year-Old Leonardo DiCaprio Adorably Spoil The Final Season of 'Growing Pains'


Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 today -- and to celebrate, we've uncovered our very first interview with the academy award nominee from 1991.

Even when he was just 16 years old, Leo was just as charming as ever when ET caught up with him on the set of Growing Pains. But while he was as cute as a button, he didn't quite have the whole interview thing down to a tee yet -- which make these innocent and adorable goofs a must-see.

At one point, Leo gives away slightly too much information on his character's story-line, causing an off-camera publicist to chime in and say, "Excuse me, Leonardo, we don't want to reveal all that."

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The actor's response? Some infectious yet mischievous giggling while muttering, "'re right!" Leo then hand-motioned to zip his own lips.

Watch the video above to see teen Leo in all precious glory -- there are a few other stumbles he makes in the interview that'll make you swoon.

And because Leo only turns the BIG 4-0 once, we added a bonus clip of the actor detailing his romantic quirks in our Romeo and Juliet press interview with him. Hint: he admits to talking to girls in a baby voice.

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And now.... here's 8 GIFS of Leo for your viewing pleasure:

Playful Leo

Sultry Leo

Pensive Leo

Bummed-Out Leo

Ecstatic Leo

Puppy-Eyed Leo

Cool Leo


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