Pat Sajak Walks Off of 'Wheel of Fortune'


No, but seriously — who said anything about horses?!

There have been a lot of bad moments and failed guesses on Wheel of Fortune, but this one is making host Pat Sajak do more than shake his head. 

It was a best friends edition episode in Hawaii, and the puzzle was a "what are you doing?" category.

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With only one letter revealed, the first team guessed "riding a brown horse." The game show host agreed it was an amazing guess but wrong!

The guess that comes after is what seals the deal for Sajak as he can't believe it. The woman guesses, "Riding a white horse?," and Sajak has to remove himself from the scene.

When he returns, he exclaims, "Who said anything about a horse?" So what was the final answer?

It was "seeing a buddy movie." No horse!

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Looks like even Pat Sajak has bad days on the job!

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