Valerie Harper on Cheating Death After Cancer Diagnosis


Two years ago Valerie Harper was given three months to live when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Today she gives us an update on her survival story.

"I feel wonderful," Valerie says. "What luck! Here I am. The three months didn't prove to be correct. The cancer I have is quite rare and terminal and incurable. I'm the recipient of a great research project that has kept me alive."

NEWS: Valerie Harper on Her Cancer Miracle

Not only is Valerie surviving, she's helping others survive as well. Valerie teamed up with the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE to help raise awareness of the No. 1 cancer killer in women, lung cancer. She is encouraging people to join Team Valerie on by donating to help raise funds for research and education.

"It's a fundraising page that is Team Valerie and I'm inviting people to participate immediately," Valerie said of the institution which raises funds for research, advocacy, education and awareness. "Education is the No. 1 thing needed -- research. We need research dollars and research attention."

Watch the video to hear what Valerie had to say about the loss of Joan Rivers.