'Zankie' Reunites at Frankie Grande's 'Rock of Ages' Debut - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


This Big Brother "showmance" is still going strong!

Zach Rance and Frankie Grande stole hearts all over America this summer as fans tuned in to watch their roller-coaster relationship unfold on Big Brother (and on the 24/7 Big Brother live feeds) all summer long!

If you're unfamiliar with "Zankie," it's the perfectly coined nickname for the relationship between Big Brother contestants Frankie, 31, who is Ariana Grande's openly gay older brother, and Zach, 24, a straight "frat-tastic" recent college-grad. The pair spent most of their time in the BB house flirting, cuddling, and giggling up a storm -- until Frankie turned on the oh-too loyal Zach.... and evicted him.

Today, their relationship is just as strong as ever though. In September, Frankie told People magazine that he fell in love on the reality show, joking he'd even accept a marriage proposal from Zach anytime.

"It's very strange. It's unbelievable. I love Zach so much. I've already told him the answer is ‘yes’ if he proposes."

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The fan-obsession surrounding the dynamic duo hasn't died down either. "Zankie" is still a consistent worldwide trending topic on Twitter every week. When the pair dressed up as each other for "Zankieween" - they just about broke the Internet. Even Ariana is a fan of the too-cute twosome!

Frankie made his "Rock of Ages" debut on Broadway on Monday night -- and naturally, Zach flew from Florida to New York to support him. The pair was also joined by other houseguests from their season, including winner Derrick Levasseur, runner-up Cody Calafiore, and Caleb Reynolds AKA "Beast Mode Cowboy."

Zach tells ET that the crew sat front row center during the show alongside Frankie's mom, Joan Grande. He was beyond impressed with Frankie's performance, enthusiastically sharing, "When he came out on stage for the first time and jumped and twirled, my jaw dropped to the floor. I was speechless!"

"This is his passion, this is what he was born for... He was in his element."

Zach also joined Frankie at the cast after-party at Planet Hollywood. For more details on their night in the Big Apple, and to watch an exclusive video from INSIDE the post-show soiree -- check out our video above!

As for what's next for Zankie? Zach tells ET he'll be spending a couple of weeks in NYC this month -- and that he may or may not stay with Frankie for a few of those nights.  He did add that he loves hanging out with Frankie and truly considers him his "best friend." How sweet!

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