Andy Cohen's Candid Revelations on 'Housewives,' Dating & Celebrity Hook-Up


He's a TV host, pop culture junkie and now Andy Cohen is dishing the dirt in another book, The Andy Cohen Diaries. Andy has long been on the other side of the hot seat so we decided to turn the tables on him and have him grilled by his best friend, Graciela Meltzer. And no question was off limits!

Andy is the mastermind behind the wildly popular Real Housewives franchise and he admits, "what goes on behind the scenes is as dramatic as what goes on in front of the camera."

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The first version, The Real Housewives of Orange County, premiered in 2006. Since then, the franchise has had its fair share of tragic story lines, from lawsuits, divorces, custody battles and suicide, that have continued long after the cameras stopped rolling.

When asked whether he feels partly responsible for the drama, including Teresa Giudice's recent sentence to 15-months in jail for fraud charges, Andy told ET, "I don't."

"I think what we're seeing is a reflection of life," he says. "The Housewives is a voluntary show, no one is forced to be on the Housewives."

The 46-year-old is enjoying the single life in NYC and is very candid about dating in the world of social media and online dating apps.

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"I went on Tinder this year, and I write a lot about that [in the book]," he says. "It's amusing and fascinating and scientific and weird, and I love a good dating story, and I have plenty in the book."

But Andy says he's very patient when it comes to finding Mr. Right. He tells ET, "I need a man, I need some love, but until I find the right guy, I'm having a pretty great time."

Andy's famous for playing games with guests such as "Plead The Fifth," on his hit Bravo series, Watch What Happens Live but here's what happens when Grace played the games on him! Andy left no stone unturned and some of his answers may surprise you.

Which celeb does he still get starstruck by?

Madonna: "I was on an airplane with her. She comes to a party that I had, but I'm still totally gobsmacked by her and completely starstruck." He later added, "I think [16-year-old Andy Cohen's] braces would come flying off if he knew that someday he would have met Madonna."

Most uncomfortable guest on 'Watch What Happens Live?'

"Maybe Scott Baio because he didn't seem like he was having fun."


What was the most awkward and unusual guest pairing on the show?

"I introduced Martha Stewart and Nene Leakes to each other, I mean what is better than that?"


Which celeb is he dying to book on 'WWHL?'

"Oh my God, Beyonce...Queen B make my dreams come true...come on the show, baby. I want to celebrate you!"

Which actor does he wish played for his team?

"Oh my God, one? Daniel Craig."

Which celebrity would we be most surprised to hear that he hooked up with?

"Lance Bass?"

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