Kim Kardashian's Full-Frontal 'Paper' Pics: See the Latest Shots!


Paper Magazine
latest cover is captioned "Break the Internet" and that's just what the revealing photos of Kim Kardashian and her, um, assets nearly did. 

The magazine's chief creative officer Drew Elliott talked to ET about the controversial cover, which Kardashian shot nearly two months ago at Fashion Week in Paris. A small closed set allowed the sexy shots to stay secret until Tuesday's reveal, but ET's got a look at some new photos from the shoot!

As expected, the internet erupted at the sight of the racy pics, which feature Kim's bare booty and tiny waist front and center. One showed the reality star balancing a champagne glass on her backside while the drink launches from a bottle, arcing over her head, a recreation of French photographer Jean Paul Goude's famous 'Champagne Incident."

"We worked with legendary photographer Jean Paul Goude, who made all these amazing images...and then he agreed to recreate one of those with Kim Kardashian," Elliott told ET. "It was one of those amazing moments when an artist and a huge, huge celebrity star come together to make a huge iconic image."

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The online backlash was mixed, with some chastising the new mother for the racy shots and others taking to Photoshop, to edit Kim's image into everything from a centaur to Homer Simpson's lips (seriously, Google it).

"What we didn't really expect is how it would turn into meme culture," Elliott laughed.

While Photoshop was definitely employed to satirize the photo, Elliott claims that the photos were not retouched for the magazine.

"No, that's what you get," Elliot asserted. "I mean, Kim Kardashian, that's her body, her beauty. I can't say that the champagne was popped and went directly into the glass -- but that's what you get."

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Check out the latest pics, including a full frontal below, and pick up Kim's issue of Paper magazine, on newsstands November 19.