Lauren Cohan Never Thought 'The Walking Dead' Would Be So Popular!


Lauren Cohan, best known for playing Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, graces the December 2014 issue of Women's Health.

ET has all the behind-the-scenes footage of the AMC star posing for her magazine feature — and she revealed how she stays in zombie-killer shape!

Women's Health

"Staying healthy is so much just about me being happy and a workout that makes me happy," revealed Cohan. "I try to follow the 10,000 steps rules which is not difficult if I'm busy working!"

The actress revealed she also stays fit with pilates and ballet.

The Walking Dead
is one of the highest-rated series on television
, but the brunette bombshell never saw the success coming.

"No, I definitely never anticipated it being that big!" she spilled

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And while the 32-year-old has found major success on the show, she originally thought her career would lead her down a comedic path.

"I never really thought I'd end up doing supernatural genres,” she explained. “When I started acting I was drawn to comedy and that's what I thought I'd end up doing." Despite the change in genre, Cohan is having a blast on the gritty and dark drama. "It's fun to do something like Walking Dead," she added.

Watch the video above to see what type of role Lauren wants to take on in the future!

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