EXCLUSIVE: Mama June's 2 Big Reasons for Reuniting with Child Molester


Mama June is breaking her silence on what led her to reunite with Mark McDaniel.

June "Mama June" Shannon is breaking her silence on what led her to reunite with Mark McDaniel, the man who did prison time for molesting her daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell.

The 35-year-old mother of four told ET's Brooke Anderson that she reunited with McDaniel for two reasons: closure for her daughter Pumpkin, who at one time believed that McDaniel might be her father, and because she felt sorry for McDaniel.

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"I didn't know how sickly he was. He just got leukemia," said Mama June. "He's got all this stuff wrong with him."

TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after the release of pictures showing Mama June and McDaniel house hunting. Mama June assured Brooke that the two were looking for a home for Mama June and not looking for a place to move into together.

As for McDaniel's crimes against Chickadee, Mama June admitted that she was skeptical at first, but that now she's finally coming around.

"After everything everybody has told me, and Anna has told me, I do believe that something happened," said Mama June.

Anna, 20, filed charges with the help of her grandmother against McDaniel when she was 8-years-old after he molested her. Mama June still hasn't read the court documents.

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"The reason I don't want to is because it is like reliving another memory," said Mama June.

The former reality star insisted that she is not and will not be seeing McDaniel, but her mother Sandra Hale told us earlier this month that she thinks Honey Boo Boo could be in danger.

"The reason I say that is because that's about the same age he likes," Hale said. "[The same age] he messed with Anna."

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