MTV Star Diem Brown Dies at 32 After Battling Cancer


MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge star Diem Brown passed away on Friday after a long battle with cancer.

broke the news that the 32-year-old had died after the cancer found in her stomach and colon had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. This was the third time she was battling the disease after bravely facing it in 2006 and 2012.

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Brown chronicled her journey to beat cancer with her blog on People and through social media. "I want people to know that the fight is worth it," she wrote this past October. "And that's something that's so important for me."

In one of her final tweets on Nov. 11, she asked for support. "I NEED PRAyErs and advice my doctors are seemingly giving up but I won't & can't rollover. Whatever option I have to LIVE I'm grabbing!"

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Most of her posts on Instagram are hospital selfies that show how grateful she is to have the support of her friends and family. Sharing an emotional moment with her sister on Oct. 30, she writes: "She has taken on the world to help me get well, she has stepped up like no one could imagine, organized bills, created girlfriend care schedules, &makes sure I'm getting the best treatment possible to get me healthy."

"It's my personal perspective that you live as hard and as vigorously as you can," she said in her blog this past month.

After going through cancer firsthand, Brown became the found of the charity MedGift which allows patients to create a gift registry so that loved ones can contribute. The reality star's personal MedGift page had raised $72,000 dollars.

The MTV star's optimism and strength through these hard times has made her an inspiration. Constantly sharing her positive energy with the world, she said in October, "No matter what it is, you're going to have the bad days, but if you have hope throughout, you won, no matter what the results. Life is so beautiful."

Brown is survived by her father, two sisters and brother. She appeared in six MTV iterations of The Challenge, starting with MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat in 2006.

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