People Cared More About The Comet Landing Than Kim Kardashian's Naked Butt

Paper Mag

Kim Kardashian and her bare butt tried to #BreakTheInternet this week. In the end, they did not break the World Wide Web, or seemingly any part of it. The only thing they maybe broke was Kris Humphries’ heart...again (he says he’s not paying attention to the photos, but it’s not like you had to try that hard to see them).

Let’s back up a little: On Wednesday, Kim revealed her Paper Mag cover, upon which she moons the world alongside the headline “Break The Internet Kim Kardashian.” A few days later, full frontal photos from instead the spread were released.

Paper Mag

Which are noteworthy because, in 2011, Kim publically said, "I just am never getting naked again...I don't want people to be like, 'All she's good for is being naked.'" Otherwise they’re not. Not really. But we do think there is a way Kim could break the Internet.

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Not only did Kim’s butt not break the Internet, it wasn’t even the top trending topic. Yes, we all talked about it — boy, did we all talk about it — but we talked about something else a lot more, apparently. We talked about what made this guy do this:

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Surprisingly that is not that guy's reaction to Kim. K. nudies.

It was science. Specifically: The Rosetta Mission, where the European Space Agency landed a spacecraft on a comet for the first time. The ESA says the probe “will unlock the mysteries of the oldest building blocks of our Solar System.”

Getty Images

How (inster)stellar!

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And according to Wall Street Journal, people — or, at least, people who tweet — cared more about the comet landing than anything any Kardashian did. Wall Street tracked two main hashtags (#CometLanding vs. #BreakTheInternet), along with keywords “comet” and “Kardashian.”

Over 24 hours, some 479,434 people tweeted about the comet. While only 307,782 people tweeted about Kim’s butt. And while the comet didn’t break the Internet either, maybe if the two combined it would. Yes. That’s right.

We have to land a spacecraft on Kim Kardashian’s butt.


Insert Kim Kardashian-probe joke here.

Go behind the scenes on the Paper shoot and get exclusive scoop on how it all came to be...and whether Kim’s butt got a little help from Photoshop: