Ellen DeGeneres Copies Kim Kardashian's Naked Butt Photo for Her Christmas Card


Here’s one gift we didn’t expect to get this Christmas.

“This is the time of year when you have to order your holiday cards,” Ellen Degeneres explained while unveiling the card on her show. “Here’s the second one we’ve come up with...It says, ‘Happy Holidays...And a Shiny New Year.’”

The card features Ellen and wife Portia De Rossi copying Kim Kardashian’s naked cover shot for Paper. “Shiny New Year.” Get it? Like shiny new rear? Very clever, Ellen. Veeery clever.

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Ellen Degeneres Show

Nailed it! Who knew Ellen and Portia had all that junk in the trunk?

While the brains behind Kim’s Paper photo shoot say she wasn’t Photoshopped (as in: All of that is her real butt!), we’re guessing Ellen and Portia won’t try to claim the same.

(For those who may not have figured it out yet, the card is completely photoshopped. They just digitally added their heads to Kim’s naked body. Welcome to the future!)

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Ellen Degeneres Show

This isn’t the first time Ellen drew inspiration from naked Kim Kardashian for her holiday card. Last year, Ellen and Portia copied Kim's topless motorcycle ride with Kanye West in his “Bound 2” video for their yuletide greetings.

Basically, any time Kim gets naked in 2015, remember it. Because you can bet your (naked, champagne-soaked, apparently not photoshopped) butt that Ellen will come Christmas time.

Now go behind the scenes on Kim’s Paper shoot to get the exclusive scoop: