You Will Never Be Able to Unsee This Disney Version of Kim Kardashian's Naked Butt Shot

Paper Mag

If your first thought when you saw Kim Kardashian’s naked butt on the cover of Paper wasn’t, “Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid could pull off that pose much better,” then you’re just another POOR UNFORTUNATE SOUL. It’s so obvious.

Thankfully, German artist Olga “AsuRocks” Andriyenko has corrected that erroneous error. If you do not want to see your favorite Disney villain BREAK THE OCEAN, stop scrolling. Turn back now. This cannot be unseen.

Olga Andriyenko /

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“While watching The Little Mermaid again, I had to admit that [Ursula] has an impressively huge butt,” Olga explained on Facebook. “So I had to paint this sexy piece...Who is Kim Kardashian anyways? XD”

So, yeah. This exists in the world now. So be it.


At least no one painted The Queen of Hearts in Kim’s full frontal pose. Yet.

Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano wants to know why her breastfeeding selfies are considered more offensive than Kim Kardashian’s naked cover. Watch now: