Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Why She's a Total Badass


In one of her most candid interviews yet, Jennifer Lawrence opens up to her Hunger Games co-star, Elizabeth Banks, about everything from her taste in music to being a total badass.

As Lawrence says, it's an interview that "feels like we brought cameras to a lunch."

Banks, 40, names Lawrence as her first female badass in the latest edition of her online YouTube series, "#AskABadass." Lawrence joins the ranks of male stars, including Morgan Freeman and Lenny Kravitz.

While fans of The Hunger Games franchise know Katniss is a badass character, where does Lawrence herself rank in real life? "On the scale of one to Banks' badass level," the 24-year-old actress remains humble saying she's "like a level one or a two."

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Lawrence even says that she would have given herself a negative rating, but Banks is quick to tell her: "I think you're a full EB Badass. You're at the level."

But unlike the previous EB badasses, Lawrence gets to have a fun chat over gal-pal topics with her friend, and some funny moments result.

When asked the soundtrack to her life, Lawrence reveals it's "I’m a Barbie Girl" by Aqua. "Because that’s how I feel as an actress," she says. "My job — it just depends on what outfit I’m wearing. I wear heels all day. I get Barbie feet."

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The two ladies also talk hair when Lawrence asks for honest advice on if she should keep her 'do short or grow it out. "It's super chic! I'm seeing gorg!" Banks reassures her.

Beyond outfits and hair, these girls also dish about guys. "I like to say that even Jennifer Lawrence who is the most famous actress in the world gets not one but two male costars which I kind of call BS on."

Lawrence is not phased by the fact that she has starred with some of the hottest actors. She admits that she's "a guy's girl" and is complimented at the thought of having a man's career saying it "feels good," but just don't ask her for directions!

While she, admittedly, may not be good at directions, Lawrence does give at least one reason as to why she deserved the badass title.

"I'm a badass because I have started downloading whole albums instead of just songs."

No Taylor Swift free streaming Spotify issues for this star!

Hunger Games: Mockingjay
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