Golden Retriever Epically Fails During Dog Show, Wins All Our Hearts in the Process


When you think of dog shows, you probably think of a giant poodle covered in bows prancing around it circles. And you’d be mostly right. Dog shows are absolutely ridiculous. But this agility test during the Finnish dog show Koira Mestari — which loosely translates to “dog champion” — takes it to a new level.

The objective here is for the dog to showcase focus and discipline by racing through an obstacle course of tennis balls and sausages and everything else dogs love.

This Australian Shepherd shows how it’s indented to go:

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This masterful German shepherd nailed it too:

And then it was this Golden Retriever’s turn:

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We cannot even put into words how much we laughed watching this. But don’t take our (non)words for it, watch for yourself:

It’s safe to say we all know who the true “dog champion” is.

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