Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Father Was Scary

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A father-to-be,
Ryan Reynolds pens a story about his own father. 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the 38-year-old actor is sharing a story about his childhood for a "Time for Thanks" with Time.

He writes a story about wanting to get his ear pierced at the age of 13, but in typical teenage boy fashion, he was afraid of how his father would react.

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Reynolds describes his father as "the toughest man alive: a former cop, former boxer and full-time landmine. He worked tirelessly to provide for his family and in return, you were expected to do what he said, often before he said it." He continues, "In a word, he was scary. Not because he was sadistic or physically abusive." He was scary because he was one of those people with an energetic 'weight' to him."

He further paints a picture of his dad saying, "Shifting his weight ever so slightly from one foot to another could transform an otherwise delightful 6th birthday party into what felt like an Irish funeral."

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So when Reynolds wanted a gold stud on his ear, he was "terrified," and so he told his three older brothers his plan. His oldest brother warned him not to go through with it and said that he would die, but Ryan still did not listen and had his friend's mom sign off on the consent form.

When the deed was done, he sat at the dinner table with his dad and remembers the moment, "The little gold earring felt like it was flashing ember-red, as if to say, "LOOK AT ME!!! Over here! Your son is a tool! You raised a future Zen-garden salesman who collects artisanal bongs!"

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What happens next is as much a story about fearing a father's judgment as it is a beautiful story of brotherhood.

Before Ryan can say anything or address the earring, his dad says "P*ssies."

In this moment, Ryan explains, "I could see he wasn’t just looking at me. His confused eyes darted spastically between all four boys in shock, disbelief and directionless anger. What he was in fact looking at, were four young men, sitting at a dinner table, each, with a freshly pierced ear."

The image of his brothers with pierced ears in support of him is enough to see why on Thanksgiving, the actor is thankful for his brothers.

Reynolds announced on Oct. 6 that he is expecting a baby with his wife Blake Lively, 27. This will be the first baby for both of them.

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