Nene Leakes Uses Cinderella Costume to Spoof Kim Kardashian


Nene Leakes is pulling a Kim Kardashian.

Leakes is using her Broadway wardrobe to spoof the fellow reality star who attempted to break the internet with those nude Paper magazine photos from Nov. 12. 

Leakes, 46, will play the role of the wicked stepmother in Cinderella on Broadway. When she tried on her Victorian ball gown in New York City on Friday, she posted this picture showing that she too can hold on a drink on her backside just like Kim, 34.

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She even does a side-by-side comparison with this pic and makes sure to put an "lol" in there to show she's laughing about breaking the internet too.

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Leakes joins the many celebrities who have reacted to Kim's photos including her ex Kris Humphries and actress Alyssa Milano.

The Real Housewife of Atlanta
star will make her big debut in Cinderella on November 25 through January 3. 

Watch the new Cinderella trailer in the video below.

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