Jennifer Aniston Gets Into 'Curse Off' with 'Friends' Co-Star Lisa Kudrow


This wouldn't have gone over well on Friends.

Former co-stars of the hit sitcom, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night for a riveting game of "Celebrity Curse Off." The ladies were given five seconds on the clock to come up with new curse words. Whoever couldn't do so, lost the game.

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Aniston, 45, won the coin toss and started out the game strong with "d**k licker." Kudrow, 51, responded with "c**ksucker" -- and these were the tamer words coming out of the actresses' mouths.

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As Kimmel points out, this game is not for the "faint of heart.

This isn't the first time Kudrow has joined Aniston on JKL. The women, along with their co-star Courteney Cox, reenacted a piece of Kimmel's Friends fan fiction where the host played Ross Geller this past August. Check it out, below.

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