The Potty Mouth Princess Are Back With More F-Bombs and an Even More Shocking Video


If you were one of the people who found the first Potty Mouth Princesses video disturbing — because young girls were dropping F-bombs to support feminism — prepare yourself for their new video.

In the sequel, the Potty Mouth Princess Posse focus on violence against women, asking, “What’s more offensive, a little girl saying f--k? Or the f--ked up and sexist way society barely lifts a finger when men raise their fists?”

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(WARNING: This video contains explicit language and features girls wearing realistic-looking makeup that make them appear bruised, battered and otherwise abused.)

The campaign is for, which is donating 100% of the profits from sales of their “not a wife beater” tank to domestic violence charities. FCKH8 says their last video raised over $30,000 for women’s charities.

The director of the videos, Luke Montgomery, defended his concept to Entertainment Tonight, saying, "If we could get people talking about the inequality that girls and women face, if we could get people talking about that without using the F-word? Oh my god, we would. That would be amazing. That would be wonderful. But we used this simple tactic, this four-letter word, this bad word for a good cause, to draw attention."

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It likely won’t be the F-word that draws controversy this time.

“Got a problem looking at my fake f--ked up face?” a princess with a black eye, swollen lip, and sling, asks. “Isn’t 1 out of 4 women beaten the real disgrace?” The visual is truly disturbing, which we presume is intended. Whether people decide it’s effective or not is TBD.


"The reason we did use the F-word is because we want people to focus on statistics like one out of five women will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetime, or the fact that women and men doing the exact same job, the woman gets paid 23 percent less than men,” Montgomery told ET. “In 2014, that's what's shocking, not the F-word."

Listen to Montgomery and one of the mother’s entire defense of the video: