As New Cosby Accusers Come Forward, Legal Options Remain Limited


The number of women accusing Bill Cosby of alleged sexual assault continues to grow, with nearly 20 women now claiming that they were drugged and assaulted by the comedian. Cosby’s attorneys have vigorously denied all allegations and Cosby himself has dismissed the claims as "innuendos."

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Seventy-three-year-old Donna Motsinger says she was of the 11 "Jane Doe" victims who were prepared to give testimony in a 2005 civil rape case against the comedian, but the suit was settled out of court before any victims were called to testify.

"I asked him for an asprin and I took that pill," Motsinger told ET. "The next thing that I remember from that moment on is that I woke up in the back of that limousine, with his hands all over me. I passed out again and the next thing I remember, I woke up in my apartment, in my bed, having been sexually assaulted."

High-profile attorney Gloria Allred also spoke to ET's Brooke Anderson about any possible charges that Cosby could face and revealed that in her early 20s, she was raped at gunpoint.

"I didn't think anybody would believe me," Allred said.

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Allred told ET she has heard from some of Cosby’s accusers, but is pessimistic about their chances for legal action.

"None of them would be able file a lawsuit [because] the statute of limitations has expired," Allred explained, dismissing the idea of even a class action suit. "Many people have contacted me, but that [statute of limitations] has also expired."

Watch ET's exclusive interview with Janice Dickinson, where she details her sexual assault accusations against Cosby, in the video below.