You Can Now Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online (It's a Christmas Miracle!)


Now you officially never have to leave your home again. Hallelujah!

Girl Scout Cookies will soon be available online. Your days of brawling in a grocery store parking lot just to get one box of Thin Mints are over. No longer will you have to track down any parents of 13-year-old girls in the office to get your Samoa fix. Your doorbell may never ring again. If this is not #blessed, we don’t know what is.

“Girls across the country now can use modern tools to expand the size and scope of their cookie business,” said Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.’s director Sarah Angel-Johnson. “And learn vital entrepreneurial lessons in online marketing, application use and e-commerce.”

Also it’s going to make the Girl Scouts sooo much more $$$.

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The campaign is called “Digital Cookie” and is projected to increase the nearly $800 million the Girl Scouts make off cookie sales. Which is probably why the organization is lifting the decade-long ban it's had on e-sales.

Like all things that seem too good to be true, there is a catch: You still need to know a Girl Scout in order to order cookies online. Come January, each scout will have her own custom webpage and she can email invites to that page to friends and family.

Others will continue to do it the old fashion way: “I love going around my neighborhood, my parents’ jobs and my grandfather’s job,” Bria Vainqueur, 13, of New Jersey told The New York Times. “I’ve been selling cookies since I joined scouting when I was 6, including setting up a booth at our local Stop & Shop.”

No offense to Bria Vainqueurs, but Stop & Shop can only get you so far on your Cookie Mogul journey. Digital Cookie is the future. And the future is now.

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