Kim Kardashian: I Was Told I Could Never Get Pregnant

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Just call North West a miracle baby.

More of Kim Kardashian's intimate Elle UK interview for their January "Confidence" issue has just been released, in which the 34-year-old reality star shares that she was originally by doctors that she would never be able to bear children.

"A few years ago I was told I could never get pregnant," she reveals. "Three different doctors told me the same thing, which is why I wanted to have my eggs frozen. I was just about to do that when I found out I was pregnant with North."

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Now, she's hoping to give North -- who turned one in June -- two more siblings.

And her husband, rapper Kanye West, is definitely on board when it comes to doing whatever it takes.

"I want a boy and another girl; I want it to start happening straight away," she says. "I loved being part of a huge family -- and I want that for North. We'd do IVF if nothing happens, but we both want to keep trying naturally."

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Kim also opens up about her body issues growing up, revealing that it was actually her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, who helped her accept her body.

"When I was 13 my father wrote me a letter. I was unhappy with my body – I developed really early," she explains. "Every night I would sit in the bath and cry. I prayed my boobs would stop growing. He told me I had a body not many girls have, that later it would lead to attention from men, but that the most important thing was that I was a wonderful girl and I had to understand my self-worth."

Now, she couldn't be happier with her famously curvy physique.

"I'm an Armenian girl, I have shape, and it turned out people liked that," she says. "I grew up when the body to have was the tall, slim, supermodel one, like Cindy Crawford's. No one looked like me. It’s good to break the mold and recreate one."

As for her nude photos which leaked earlier this year, Kim surprisingly admits that she isn't in a position to "go crazy about it."

"I didn't choose for them to be out there, but I'm also realistic," she says. "I'm on covers of magazines naked, so I can't go crazy about it. The only choice I can make is to not let it shake me up. I'm not having that choice taken away from me."

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Kim in fact attempted to "break the Internet" with her nude Paper magazine photoshoot last month, which included a now-infamous NSFW pic of her bare butt.

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