Prince Harry On Nude Pics: 'Too Much Army, Not Enough Prince'

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Over two years later, Prince Harry is finally reacting to the nude photos that were leaked of him in 2012 during a rowdy trip to Las Vegas.

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"It was probably a classic case of me being too much Army and not enough prince," the 30-year-old royal told Man of the World magazine (via Us Weekly). "It's a simple case of that."

During a game of strip pool in a VIP Vegas suite, a naked photo was taken of Prince Harry with his hands in front of his private parts while a naked woman stood smiling behind him. The photo was leaked and needless to say, it went viral.

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This isn't the first time Prince Harry has commented on his nude photos. In a rare series of rare interviews in Jan. 2013, the royal also spoke about the scandal to journalists as he sat on a parked Apache helicopter in Afghanistan."I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down,” he said. "I was in a private area and there should be a certain amount of privacy."

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For Harry, this was yet another example of the press crossing the line when it comes to his family's privacy. "The newspapers knew that I was going away to Afghanistan, yet still published the photos," he said. "So the way I was treated by them I don't think is acceptable."

While Prince Harry's bachelor lifestyle always makes headlines, his charity work doesn't go unnoticed. 

Combining the two, Prince Harry revealed a big secret about himself on World AIDS Day (Monday). "Now that I've confessed that, I'll probably be even more worried that people are looking at me," he said in a video in support of his charity Sentebale’s #FeelNoShame campaign. Check out the video to hear Harry's confession.

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