Tony Blair Stars in the Most Awkward Holiday Card Ever


Is Tony Blair's expression on his 2014 holiday card the "stuff of nightmares?"

According to the Internet, YES.

The former British prime minister's holiday card this year has made its way online, featuring a pretty cringe-inducing "smile" on his part, while his wife's tight grin is hardly better.

.... Is this really the best photo the couple could take together?!

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Not surprisingly, the Internet's having a field day with what's being deemed the most awkward, uncomfortable holiday card ever.

Some have even compared the card to Friends' famously painful Chandler and Monica engagement photo.

... Well, we can't all be the adorable/gorgeous Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson right?

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Another star who never has a problem disappointing her fans with her holiday card is Ellen DeGeneres, who revealed her and wife Portia De Rossi's hilarious rendition of Kim Kardashian's now infamous bare butt selfie for Paper magazine in November.

Watch below to see the big unveiling!

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